Fan-Submitted Poetry


As the Darkness creeps over the Northern mountains of Marfa
and the silence reach the woods, I awake and rise…
Into the night I wander, like many nights before,
and like in my dreams, but centuries ago.


Some original poetry submitted in response to the ID Music vs. Rockpile Inna Halloween Style blasphemous metal broadcast from 10/30/2014 (via MarfaList)

October 2014 Inter-Dimensional Music Tonight



Tune in October 5, 2014 from 9-11pm (CST)

In the New Age hour (9-10p) we’ll be playing new music from Aphex Twin, old music from Aphex Twin, and some cassette-tape Earth psych that pairs well with Aphex Twin.

For the Cosmic Metal portion of the broadcast (10-11p), we’ll be listening to some sensual pagan grooves from Windhand along with back-to-the-land “prepper” metal favorites from Panopticon, Winterfylleth and Woods of Desolation.

If you’re out here in Far West Texas tune in from 9-11p (CT) this Sunday – and on the first Sunday of every month – at KRTS 93.5 FM in Marfa, KRTP 91.7 FM in Alpine and KDKY 91.5 FM in Marathon. We’re streaming live worldwide at

August ID Music Tonight!

Swale + Blossom at Mary Etherington
Inter-Dimensional Music, the Big Bend’s longest running New Age + Cosmic Metal radio program returns this Sunday, August 3 from 9-11pmon Marfa Public Radio
In the 9 o’clock hour we’ll be playing new music from friend and former Marfa-dweller Celia Hollander (aka $3.33) alongside gentle drones from Ashan plus a mysterious nugget of jingle-jangle psychedelic goodness by William Whichman. Our thanks to Matthew in Denver — New Age tape collector and friend of the show — for the hook up.
Things turn choogly from 10-11pm as cosmic metal riddims commence. This month we’re looking at the psychoactive ecological system seeded by the band Sleep, playing brand new music from the venerated Hasheeshians themselves, alongside the kindred mystical heaviness of Yob, Om and the Wackies Rhythm Force.
If you’re out here in Far West Texas tune in from 9-11p (CST) on the first Sunday of each month at KRTS 93.5 FM in Marfa, KRTP 91.7 FM in Alpine and KDKY 91.5 FM in Marathon. You can stream ID Music live at
We are also available by computer at and
Also! If you find yourself out here on the high desert grasslands, ID Music host Daniel Chamberlin’s Swale + Blossom installation is on view for the rest of August at Mary Etherington, 124 E. El Paso in Marfa, Texas. More info here.

ID Music Tonight: Monsoon Mellows and Cosmic Metal


The #1 New Age radio broadcast in the Big Bend of Far West Texas returns to the airwaves tonight from 9-11pm CST — that’s right now — with monsoon conjuring music from Valet, Aerial Jungle, Softest and J.D. Emmanuel. In the second hour we’ll be exploring the outer limits of “blackened New Age” with music from Agalloch and Ash Borer, the latter hot off their Marfa debut to a confused crowd at Padre’s last week.

This is happening now. If you’re out here in Far West Texas tune in from 9-11p (CST)  at KRTS 93.5 FM in Marfa, KRTP 91.7 FM in Alpine and KDKY 91.5 FM in Marathon. You can also stream the show live at

Inter-Dimensional Music Presents: A Blackened New Age

Screen shot 2014-07-01 at 11.03.36 PM


Cosmic metal is the yin to the New Age yang. Both are musics concerned with other worlds, with direct contemplation of mortality and open recognition that we dwell in a fallen realm. Matters of the material sphere are of less concern than an internalization of the ways in which darkness and light, north and south, sun and moon, stupor, enlightenment, endarkenment, sex and magick are undeniable drivers of the undulating trance that throbs throughout all consciousness. And a shared recognition that maximum volume will yield maximum results.

Transcendence and descendence are both expansions from a middling plane of existence.

In the interest of drawing attention to the occult spiritual continuum between these schools of thought — and in some cases, finding ground with fellow travelers in heavy electronic music — Inter-Dimensional Music offers the following catalog of artists who fall within our purposely abstract terminology, thus …

Inter-Dimensional Music
A Blackened New Age

Sunn O)))
Andy Stott
Ash Borer
Demdike Stare
Haxan Cloak
Black Sabbath
Nurse With Wound
Leyland Kirby (aka V/VM, The Caretaker, et al)
Wino (Obsessed, St. Vitus, Hidden Hand, Spirit Carvan)
Wolves in The Throne Room
Acid Mothers Temple
Throbbing Gristle
Thomas Köner
Bardo Pond

Inter-Dimensional Music for June 1, 2014

ID Music June 2014

Inter-Dimensional Music returns to the shimmering Far West Texas airwaves tonight, bringing heat stroke-averse visions from across the kosmiche spectrum.

Our summer doom mantra mix includes some heavy contemplative music from Ben Frost, Sunn O))) & Ulver, and Leyland Kirby. A high altitude chill descends as the sun fades and bats swoop through the twilight: Look for XYR, M. Geddes Gengras and Laraaji in the second hour.
Tune in from 9-11pm (cst) at 93.5 FM here in the Big Bend, or worldwide at

New Stag Hare Drones

Friend of the show Stag Hare is in the resource-gathering phase for a new project that includes a vinyl version of his beat-heavy Angel Tech album and the launch of his DJRONA label. Backers get Angel Tech LP suitable for forest yurt soundtracking, along with a cassette of unreleased drones. Given our man’s track record – we’ve been smitten since coming across Ahspen years ago -– we can expect more transportative wilderness psychedelia on its way.

Full discography available on Bandcamp, and all the fundraising details are on Kickstarter.

ID Music on Marfa Public Radio Tonight!

ID Music May 2014 Flyer-A

The #1 New Age Radio program in Far West Texas returns after a month of exploring desert blooms and Mexican crystal specimens with a fresh broadcast of mellow tunes TONIGHT from 9-11pm (CST) on Marfa Public Radio.

Tune in at 93.5 FM here in the Big Bend, or worldwide at

We’ll be playing long long long songs about flowers, rainbows and inner flight, featuring music from friends and fellow travelers including Fennesz, Nicki Scully feat Jerry Garcia, Matthewdavid & Diva, and Peasants.

We’re particularly excited for the ID Music debut of William Tyler covering Michael Rother, which is basically the spirit of the last four years of our broadcasts distilled into seven blissful minutes of rusticated kosmiche grooving. Also, Bardo Pond doing Eno (h!f!s!).

Playlist (and possible streaming archive) to come following the conclusion of the program.