Inter-Dimensional Music Archive


The Inter-Dimensional Music Archive is now online!

Do you not live in Far West #Texas or Central #Indiana where you can hear us on the actual #radio? Or do you find yourself otherwise occupied during the regular ID Music broadcast times? You can now stream past episodes of our program at your leisure at …

Catch ID Music on the air in #Indianapolisfrom 3-4p (ET) on @BigCarPix‘s 99.1FM #WQRT, and from 9-11p (CT) on the first Sunday of each month in Far West Texas on #Marfa Public Radio at 93.5FM #KRTS.  Follow us on Twitter @CosmicChambo for playlists, artist info, Zen Center gossip, and Yin yoga tips and tricks.

This archive of heavy music for mellow people includes after-hours ragas, #backcountry #chillout, pastoral noise, and cosmic #metal from Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia, Softest, Circle, Chuck Johnson, r beny, Aural Canyon, Celtic Frost, Slayer, The Caretaker, Malokarpatan, Hakobune, Krallice, Sumerlands, Lake Mary, Sandy Bull, Kalacackra, Robbie Basho, Vacivus, Ufomammut, Cormorant, Wolves in the Throne Room, Ojas, and more.

Freestyle guided #meditation provided by your virtual #Yin #yoga teacher, #CosmicChambo, alongside screwed down #dharma talks from #Zen Master Seung Sahn and #ASMR edits of Vipassana teacher Jack Kornfield.

Inter-Dimensional Music Archive


Inter-Dimensional Music is Heavy Music for Mellow People: A #Yin to #Yang progression of soothing guitar ragas, visionary New Age #ambience, ritualistic death metal, and kaleidoscopic sludge. 🌈💀✨ ID Music premieres on 99.1FM #WQRT #Indianapolis this Friday, December 8, 2017. Join me, #CosmicChambo, and let’s bask in the #gravity from 3-4pm. 🔥➰💧


Inter-Dimensional Music
The Chihuahuan Desert’s Top-Ranking Mix of #Yin #Yoga Slow Jams, Screwed Down #Dharma Talks, and #Irie #Cosmic #Metalreturns to @marfapublicradio tonight from 9-11p CT. Join your host #CosmicChambothe first Sunday of every month at 93.5FM in Far West Texas, streaming worldwide at
Stay tuned for the #Indianapolis debut of ID Music on @BigCarPix‘s 99.1FM #WQRTnext week!

A pleasant sobering atmosphere full of love and piety

Best part of waking
up is Raga Bhairavi
in these headphones, dude

… haiku in the style of @revoltoftheapes.

Preparing for next week’s February edition of Inter-Dimensional Music on Marfa Public Radio, navigating raga headspace with the help of Tawfiq and Tanarang. Of all our recent discoveries, Raga Bhairavi is perhaps the most enchanting, and has now become part of our regular morning routine at the Indianapolis Zen Center. From Tanarang’s raag index

Any one who claims to know or appreciate music cannot be unaware of the queen of melodies i.e. Raag Bhairavi. The soft (Komal) notes and their smooth rendering with pleasing touches – Khatke, Jhatke and Murkiyan simply mesmerizes the audience. A pleasant sobering atmosphere full of love and piety is created and one feels so close to the Supreme. Its compositions include several Thumris, Bhajans, Ghazals, Songs etc. Since it is an ocean of immense possibilities the melodic combitions can include all the twelve notes with skill.



Renditions from flute specialists such as Pannalal Ghosh and Tanjore Viswanathan are highly recommended: An ideal complement to John‘s coffee and morning practice. Tune in to ID Music on Marfa Public Radio this Sunday, February 5 from 9-11pm CT for more.


A pleasant sobering atmosphere full of love and piety

Forever Sucking Dry: Desert Surf Films Ambience


Forever Sucking Dry, my cetacean-mind-communion soundtrack to Ballroom Marfa’s Desert Surf Films series from August is now streaming. Many thanks to Travis Bubenik and Gory Smelley for help recording and editing the mix for broadcast. The setlist includes songs from Aloha Spirit, Emeralds, Former Selves, These Trails, Buffy Sainte-Marie and more, underscored by surf ambience, whalesongs, and a cameo from Magaret Howe and her dolphin lover, Peter.

“Hello Peter!”
[dolphin voice] “Hello Margaret!”

You can find an 11” x 17” print of the Forever Sucking Dry image as the centerfold ofStay Golden, a desert surf films ‘zine designed and edited for Ballroom Marfa by Hilary duPont, Liz Janoff and Ian Lewis. Available for $10 (cheap!) from Ballroom Marfa. The ‘zine also includes prose, poetry and artwork from Joshua Edwards, Tim Johnson, Eileen Myles and Brandon Shimoda.

Forever Sucking Dry: Desert Surf Films Ambience