Brian Eno on the long now, the big here and music as plateau

“I thought … I want to make a kind of music that had the long now and the big here in it. And for me that meant this idea of expanding the music out to the horizons. In terms of space, you were not aware of the edges of the music. I thought, I want to make a music where you just wouldn’t know what was music and what wasn’t. Where it was a plateau …”

– Brian Eno in the 1989 documentary Imaginary Landscapes [via Root Blog/cross-posted at Ballroom Marfa]

ID Music for February 2013

Astronaut StatusID Music extra-planetary operatives are constantly scanning Earth twins for enlightening audio transmissions.

Chambo and Hollander return to the airwaves of Marfa Public Radio for the Big Bend’s only post-Super Bowl chakra cleanse. Tune in this Sunday, February 3, 2013 from 9-11p (CST). Check back after the show for playlists and more.

UPDATE: Playlists for 3 Feburary 2013

9-10p – Crystal Mix by Hollander:
Crystallite from Crystal Meditations by Don G. Campbell
The Crystal Star soundtrack from The Crystal Star by Jim Oliver
The Trombones of Lithia from Crystals by Craig Kupka

10-11p – Chambo’s Super Bowl After-Party Chillout Zone

Sand – Mountains – Centralia
is this and yes – My Bloody Valentine – M B V
In Our Dreams – Motion Sickness of Time Travel – A Marbled Youth
Freeflow – Blues Control & Laraaji – FRKWYS Vol. 8
Night Flight in the Southern Hemisphere – Monopoly Child Star Searchers – The Garnet Toucan
Spectral Split – Pantha Du Prince & The Bell Laboratory – Elements of Light

Scenes from the most recent Inter-Dimensional Music/Aerostat crossover episode…

The Aerostat

Scores of UFO enthusiasts turned out for the first Border Zone International UFO Festival on Friday and Saturday in sunny Presidio, Texas and across the border in Ojinaga, Chihuahua. The Aerostat took time away from lectures on New Mexico’s Roswell, “Old Mexico’s Roswell” and reports from the Laredo Paranormal Research Society to chat with some of the attendees. / Q&A by Rachel Monroe. Photos by Daniel Chamberlin.

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