Moebius’ Sra: New Translation

Oh man … Moebius, aka Jean Giraud. If you don’t know already …

The French graphic novelist and comics legend was like a pervy psychedelic Zelig: He launched the French predecessor of trippy “mature audiences only” comics mag Heavy Metal, Métal Hurlant. Collaborated with Jodorowsky and Michael Moorcock. Did storyboards for Alien, Tron, Willow, The Fifth Element and on and on. His best work — see the Arzach series for starters, or my personal favorite, his “Crystal Portfolio” — is sort of like all the high desert psychedelia parts of Star Wars minus George Lucas’ bummer-nerd trip, or maybe Frank Herbert’s Dune if he’d gone native down in Mexico.

Plus boobs. Dude often slipped into deeply trippy, taboo-violating sexual illustrations in the pages of Métal Hurlant. He also created strange, violent Western comics featuring a character named Lieutenant Blueberry, stories that hold their own in the Peckinpah/Leone/El Topo universe of surreal, brutalist cowboy mythology.

Much of his best work was brought to America by Marvel’s edgy Epic imprint in the late ’80s, and while currently out-of-print these volumes are widely circulated by well-meaning preservationists online. Continue reading “Moebius’ Sra: New Translation”