Sun Araw: New Album, French Video, Classic Mix

Sun Araw’s hour-long mix of screwed and chopped preachers, time-stretched blues, conga-speckled acid rock and fractal R&B — is that Soul II Soul stuck back there in the resinous bass trap? — is about as disorienting and groove-heavy as you might expect. Listen above or give your email address to Secret Thirteen for a download. Lotta rad-looking mixes over there at their site. (via random shit)

Cameron and company’s box-fresh new album, The Inner Treaty, dropped earlier this week on Drag City and we’re still trying to get our heads around it. Kinda minimal for these dudes, mellow keys, on some real laid back shit that only fully manifests once you’ve made the rounds a couple times. Pop a top, seek guidance from the plant mind via the inebriation vector of your choosing and contemplate the spaces in between.

And finally, here’s the full Sun Araw Band jamming Ancient Romans‘ centerpiece “Impluvium” in Paris in June, 2012.