ID Music for May, Plant-Mind Wallpaper + South Plateau Adobe Ruin Updates

Inter-Dimensional Music will once again waft through the air of the Big Bend this Sunday, May 3, 2015.  If you’re out here in Far West Texas tune in from 9-11p (CST) on the first Sunday of each month at KRTS 93.5 FM in Marfa, KRTP 91.7 FM in Alpine and KDKY 91.5 FM in Marathon. You can also stream the show live at Streaming archives on Soundcloud.

The May broadcast is shaping up to be a murky one, with Sun Araw, Sunburned Hand of the Man, and The Healing Music of Rana seeing heavy airplay here at the home studio. The metal hour is looking grim, with funereal long-form funeral doom from Bell Witch and some Morriconne-era Earth on deck.

Minor updates to the South Plateau Adobe Ruin (SPAR), our squat gallery here in Marfa, are underway. Some old and new work on the walls, along with native ferns recommended by botanist Michael Eason now installed in the kitchen sink. We also added a Westport Chair built by Sam Winks to further enable quiet contemplation. An untitled work in concrete and bone from Tyler Spurgin is also on view. For more information on visiting the SPAR or about the work contained inside its crumbling walls, drop us a line. SPAR is an abandoned house: Enter at your own risk, and please don’t disturb the neighbors.

Our Lichens show also remains on view at Etherington Art in Marfa. In addition to the full size installations, individual rolls of wallpaper (pictured above), suitable for customizing your personal plant-mind communication chamber, are also available. Contact Mary Etherington for more information.

$3.33, August 8, 2013. Photo by Alex Marks for Ballroom Marfa.

If you’re in Los Angeles, consider stopping by Various Small Fires to experience new work from friend of the show Celia Hollander. Longtime listeners of ID Music will recognize Celia’s $3.33 moniker from past broadcasts, the Backcountry Chillout mixtape and her guest host session. $3.33 (Celia Hollander): Live Streams will run through May 16, 2015. You can buy her music, including the helpful I need some good rap music for my car.? at Bandcamp.

ID Music for November 2014


ID Music is back again tonight, November 2, 2014, on Marfa Public Radio!

New Age hour manifests at 9pm with salt desert drones, Deadhead ephemera and some guest selections from Do Your Thing / Root Strata‘s Maxwell.

Cosmic Metal commences at 10pm with much autumnal melancholy and songs about cold dirt plus a brief glimpse of the Far West Texas black metal underground via Unfathomed of Abyss!

Listen from 9-11pm (CT) at and/or keep in touch with the ID Music newsletter at

October 2014 Inter-Dimensional Music Tonight



Tune in October 5, 2014 from 9-11pm (CST)

In the New Age hour (9-10p) we’ll be playing new music from Aphex Twin, old music from Aphex Twin, and some cassette-tape Earth psych that pairs well with Aphex Twin.

For the Cosmic Metal portion of the broadcast (10-11p), we’ll be listening to some sensual pagan grooves from Windhand along with back-to-the-land “prepper” metal favorites from Panopticon, Winterfylleth and Woods of Desolation.

If you’re out here in Far West Texas tune in from 9-11p (CT) this Sunday – and on the first Sunday of every month – at KRTS 93.5 FM in Marfa, KRTP 91.7 FM in Alpine and KDKY 91.5 FM in Marathon. We’re streaming live worldwide at

ID Music on Marfa Public Radio Tonight!

ID Music May 2014 Flyer-A

The #1 New Age Radio program in Far West Texas returns after a month of exploring desert blooms and Mexican crystal specimens with a fresh broadcast of mellow tunes TONIGHT from 9-11pm (CST) on Marfa Public Radio.

Tune in at 93.5 FM here in the Big Bend, or worldwide at

We’ll be playing long long long songs about flowers, rainbows and inner flight, featuring music from friends and fellow travelers including Fennesz, Nicki Scully feat Jerry Garcia, Matthewdavid & Diva, and Peasants.

We’re particularly excited for the ID Music debut of William Tyler covering Michael Rother, which is basically the spirit of the last four years of our broadcasts distilled into seven blissful minutes of rusticated kosmiche grooving. Also, Bardo Pond doing Eno (h!f!s!).

Playlist (and possible streaming archive) to come following the conclusion of the program.

Back Pain Music/Inter-Dimensional Metal

Lycus – Tempest: Long form funeral doom from Oakland! Very pretty droning parts! Good for when waiting for meds to kick in. The cover is a psychedelic shipwreck painting!
Agrimonia – Rites of Separation: Sort of a super melodic crust/sludge/black metal blend that is also super pretty for when the meds are peaking. I think this is the prettiest metal album in a long time. Trivia: They are Swedes and the singer is a lady.
Nails – Abandon All Life: The best hardcore album in awhile! Good for when the meds are starting to fade.
Saved the most apt for last: An album about multiple sclerosis from Tad (of Tad), a dude from Yob and another guy I didn’t know who is the one who actually has MS. The band is called LUMBAR of course …
I hope that helps a little bit? Rest up.

Behind the scenes at ID Music

The ID Music team on a field expedition in search of new underwater jams.
(via OfNational Geographic)

Tune in to KRTS on Sunday, July 1 from 9-11p (CST) to see what we found on our recent trip to the wilds of Southern California. If you’re out here with us in the Big Bend of Far West Texas, point your radio dial to 93.5FM. Everybody else can zone-out via computer at