Back Pain Music/Inter-Dimensional Metal

Lycus – Tempest: Long form funeral doom from Oakland! Very pretty droning parts! Good for when waiting for meds to kick in. The cover is a psychedelic shipwreck painting!
Agrimonia – Rites of Separation: Sort of a super melodic crust/sludge/black metal blend that is also super pretty for when the meds are peaking. I think this is the prettiest metal album in a long time. Trivia: They are Swedes and the singer is a lady.
Nails – Abandon All Life: The best hardcore album in awhile! Good for when the meds are starting to fade.
Saved the most apt for last: An album about multiple sclerosis from Tad (of Tad), a dude from Yob and another guy I didn’t know who is the one who actually has MS. The band is called LUMBAR of course …
I hope that helps a little bit? Rest up.

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