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The ID Music team consults oracles for top end-of-time jams. (productlaneevol via r-u-ins).

The last Inter-Dimensional Music broadcast of 2012 — and thus perhaps the last ID Music broadcast of this human epoch (keywords: Mayan calendar, Daniel “I am friends with Sting” Pinchbeck, “what should I hoard,” etc etc ) — happens tonight (SUNDAY DECEMBER 2) on KRTS from 9-11p (CST).

Hollander brings mystery tunes. I have new music from Indian Jewelry, Emeralds and Eternal Tapestry among other chill gems/decorative weavings.

Tune in via antennae at 93.5FM out here in the Big Bend of Far West Texas. It’s for the rest of you.

UPDATE: Chambo’s playlist after the jump.

Gold Dust Woman – Julia Holter – Rumours Revisited
Fire Sacrifice – Black Elk Speaks/Prince Rama – Top Ten Hits of the End of the World
Eva Cherie – Indian Jewelry – Peel It
Planting Trees – Ashan – Ancient Forever
Sand Into Rain – Eternal Tapestry – A World Out of Time
Aldebaran – Psychic Ills – Astral Occurrence
Just To Feel Anything – Emeralds – Just To Feel Anything

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