Inter-Dimensional Music September 2012 Playlist

Thanks to everyone who tuned in to our show last night, from the pasta kitchens of Los Angeles to the Modelo-tallboy-toting pals who stopped by the KRTS studios. We’ll be back on the air on Sunday, October 7 2012.

David Hollander, 9-10p:

Excerpt from Outside The Circle Of Fire by Chris Watson
Unknown track from unknown LP hand-labelled “YinYang” found in the Ram Dass “Love, Serve, Remember” LP box set
Puja – Zanagoria
Fairy Tale – V.D.B. Joel
Violet Hour – Arica Institute
Evening Star – Brian Eno/Robert Fripp
An Ending (Ascent) – Brian Eno
Space Commercial – Eddie Harris

Chambo, 10-11p:

I think that what I’m trying to evoke is an atmosphere of a place where civilization and culture is non-existing. Maybe I should call it cultural-civilization, since our concept of civilization is defined and interpreted via our culture.

What I’m talking about is a place – or a state of mind, which becomes real the very second cultural-civilization is cancelled, and all that is left is nature – BUT – a new nature (New Natural Reality) where, amongst other things, communication between individuals isn’t corrupted by words.

I know this sounds really romantic and it’s also paradoxical to try to describe a place free from culture by means of words!

Ironically, the way things work right now, it’s impossible to reach this place without the aid of cultural-civilization and a vague attempt in trying to describe this place can only be done by one person to another by means of culture.

This is a problem, because you can ask me “why this” and “why that” etc. and the answers I give you will never be correct, since most of it is just a feeling which can never be properly described by means of culture.

– Jonas Frederiksen aka Dreamers Cloth in Semantic Uproar. More Dreamers Cloth music can be found at Microphones in the Trees.

Dreamers Cloth – Side A – Total Descent to Mind Beach
Parotia Mold – Carter Mullin – Xelim/Parotia Mold split
Barb – Sean McCann, Matthew Sullivan & Jeff Witscher – Barb

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