Inter-Dimensional Music Archive


The Inter-Dimensional Music Archive is now online!

Do you not live in Far West #Texas or Central #Indiana where you can hear us on the actual #radio? Or do you find yourself otherwise occupied during the regular ID Music broadcast times? You can now stream past episodes of our program at your leisure at …

Catch ID Music on the air in #Indianapolisfrom 3-4p (ET) on @BigCarPix‘s 99.1FM #WQRT, and from 9-11p (CT) on the first Sunday of each month in Far West Texas on #Marfa Public Radio at 93.5FM #KRTS.  Follow us on Twitter @CosmicChambo for playlists, artist info, Zen Center gossip, and Yin yoga tips and tricks.

This archive of heavy music for mellow people includes after-hours ragas, #backcountry #chillout, pastoral noise, and cosmic #metal from Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia, Softest, Circle, Chuck Johnson, r beny, Aural Canyon, Celtic Frost, Slayer, The Caretaker, Malokarpatan, Hakobune, Krallice, Sumerlands, Lake Mary, Sandy Bull, Kalacackra, Robbie Basho, Vacivus, Ufomammut, Cormorant, Wolves in the Throne Room, Ojas, and more.

Freestyle guided #meditation provided by your virtual #Yin #yoga teacher, #CosmicChambo, alongside screwed down #dharma talks from #Zen Master Seung Sahn and #ASMR edits of Vipassana teacher Jack Kornfield.

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