New music for April 27, 2012: Sun Araw, Clams Casino, Nikhil Banerjee

Researching new music, gearing up for ID Music’s monthly transmission, coming up next Sunday, May 6 on Marfa Public Radio. Here are some righteous tunes we’ve unearthed in our survey, from rare Sunburned Hand of the Man side-projects to mixes of the New-Agey hip-hop beats that we touch on from time to time.

• Our friends Sun Araw and M. Geddes Gengras made a record with the Congos (yep, those Congos) down in Jamaica last year, and it’s finally out. Icon Give Thank is Nyabinghi drone gospel perfect for the next Ethiopian Zion Coptic Church picnic. The making-of documentary is up at the top there, and you can stream the tunes over at RVNG INTL.

• Cameron’s Sun Ark label also has a lovely reissued cassette from Houston synth guru JD Emmanuel, and more jingle-jangle drones from High Wolf. Still available (cheap!) in the Sun Ark Shop.

• Two fresh “cloud rap” mixes surfaced this week, the first a 25 minute “Evolution of” mix from ID Music mainstay Clams Casino for BBC Radio 1. Starts out with his immediately recognizable hazy purple ambience for A$AP Rocky, then goes into more unfamiliar territory. The trainspotters are decoding a tracklist that already includes Actress over at Self-Titled, where you can also either stream or download the mix.

The second is a 75-minute Ryan Hemsworth mix of what the heads at Fool’s Gold are calling “spacy trap gems,” including washed-out remixes of of Main Attrakionz, Clams Casino and Araabmuzik. Listen or download at Soundcloud. [via Fool’s Gold]

• Must-read obscuro music blog Mutant Sounds posted a delight for those of us eager for new music from your favorite crust punk’s favorite jam band, Sunburned Head of the Man. It’s a 1990 side project called Balls from future Sunburned player Phil Franklin, plus someone from Gamelan Son Of Lion and a guy who would go on to be in … uh … The Presidents of the United Sates of America (?!). Three bass players and a drummer work through hypnotic rhythms that wouldn’t sound out of place on classic Sunburned albums like Jaybird or Headdress. Give it a listen at Mutant Sounds.

• The new Black Dice album, Mr. Impossible, is as good as everyone’s saying, more music in the same vein as Sunburned and Boredoms’ resinous noise vibrations. Up there with  Beaches & Canyons and Creature Comforts. Our favorite song, “Outer Body Drifter,” is accurately described by Pfork as sounding “like a couple of fun-loving dudes trying to get a party started, but their voices have been ripped from their throats and packed together into a single gooey, wholly unintelligible ball.” Yep. Listen at Soundcloud.

• Likewise, the new Actress album, R.I.P., lives up to the hype. Less suffocated techno. More shiny fractal ambience. “Shadow from Tartarus” sounds like ice tinkling off the conning tower of Porter Ricks‘ submarine after surfacing in the sparkling glare of Arctic sunlight. Preview at Honest John’s.

• We’ve also been perusing the archives at our favorite blog for ragas — Raga Blog, natch —  where we came up on these golden sitar zones from one of our favorites, Nikhil Banerjee. Perfect music when we’re hiding from the burning afternoon sun, or watching meteor showers on the back porch. Ahh. Calming down. Listen to The KPFA Tapes – Berkeley 1967 at Raga Blog.

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