Inter-Dimensional Music 20120401

Namaste, amigos. Here’s what we were nodding along with (and nodding off to) during the second hour of tonight’s Inter-Dimensional Music … links to music or more info.

Music by Siinai, images from Jodorowsky’s Holy Mountain

How Sweetly I Am Loved – Ashan – To Return To / Friend of Time Blues (live from a Marin County Barn) – Brightblack Morning Light – Live Journal ‘One’ Instrumentals EP / Janus – PanabriteSoft Terminal / Left Side Drive – Boards of Canada – Trans Canada Highway EP / Goddess Eyes II – Julia HolterEkstasis / Come True – Balam Acab – Self-released / E-CIG – Bodyguard – Silica Gel / Coach Doames – Inner Tube – Inner Tube / Marathon – SiinaiOlympic Games

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