Inter-Dimensional Music on KRTS, Sunday 20110515

Join us as Inter-Dimensional Music returns to the Marfa Public Radio airwaves this Sunday (20110515) from 9-11p CST. Tune in at KRTS 93.5FM if you reside out here in the Big Bend region of Far West Texas. Otherwise you can usually find us streaming at

Chamberlin’s bringing serious acid grooves from KWJAZ, Secret Birds, Sun Araw and Sunburned Hand of the Man for the second hour. Hollander will be laying down an as-yet-to-be-revealed set of classic noggin-shatterers . Look for a tracklist and maybe even a downloadable mix next week.

Inter-Dimensional Music 20110213

Bjørn Torske – “Kokning” from Kokning
Stag Hare – “Allah” from Liight Being Traveler
Peaking Lights – “Birds Of Paradise Dub Version” from 936
Demdike Stare “Haxan Dub” from Symbiosis
Sun Araw & Matthewdavid – “A1” from LIVEPHREAXXX!!!!
Mpala Garoo – “Ou Du Monde” from Ou Du Monde
Gkfoes Vjgoaf – “Redwood Dream” from Field Mantras
Winter Drones – “Bongs Dream” from Blood In The Coffin
Xela/Jefre Cantu-Ledesma – “Love Is A Dream (Part II)” from Love Is A Dream
Xiphiidae- “Split Tongues Conceiving Moss (09/08 The 612 Gainesville)” from Slowing Atrium
Tim Hecker – “In The Air I, II, II” from Ravedeath, 1972
Keith Fullerton Whitman – “Generator 2” from Generator

Ray-Ban Ambient Jazzercise: KWJAZ

KWJAZ is the self-titled first release off of RANGERSBrunch Groupe label. Cassette sold out quick, vinyl due on Not Not Fun this summer. In the meantime it’s starting to pop up online

We’re totally mesmerized, as are plenty of the cassette-psych underground bloggers out there (Simon Reynolds shouting it out too). Undulating fog production similar to Rangers, but less guitar and more jingle-jangle meandering-percussion and smooth-ethno-ambient-jazz vibes warping through the haze of two 20-minute sides. Simultaneously one of the most pleasant and utterly disorienting things we’ve heard in quite awhile. Like Rangers or Sun Araw there’s plenty of easy reference points (the dude says he likes Dilla, Reynolds hears Jon Hassell, sounds to our ears like a bossa-friendly cousin to mellow Marble Surf-mode James Ferraro), but none of that captures the whole of this weird new sound.

Perhaps represented best by its cover art: Some kind of monolithic root-beast casts its sad gaze downward as a cartoon smoke-worm evacuates the empty husk in its arms, a toothy grimace showing under its Ray-Bans. Cloaked figure looks on from nearby ledge. Yeah, that’s kinda what this sounds like.

Probably gonna get some play on Inter-Dimensional Music this Sunday on KRTS. Until then, here’s Keyboard Cat sitting in with KWJAZ.

Inter-Dimensional Music 20101205

“Inter-Dimensional Music” floats through the Far West Texas air every Sunday night at 93.5 FM from 9-11pm (CST), and is often available streaming live online at

The above image is from the Bottomless Lakes, a series of desert cenotes near Roswell, New Mexico.

Here’s what we listened to on 5 December 2010:

Farmland Fantasy by Atlas Sound from Bedroom Databank Vol. 4
Ripley Station by Swanox from Dawnrunner
Gordon’s Theme by Dylan Ettinger from New Age Outlaws: Director’s Cut
Alfa (Dusted) by Arp from The Soft Wave
Moving Apart by Mark McGuire from Living With Yourself
Gudene Vet + Snutt by Lindstrom & Prins Thomas from II
Departure From the Northern Wasteland by Michael Hoenig from Departure from the Northern Wasteland
Echolocation by Pocahaunted from Threshold
Solar System Is My God by High Wolf from Ascension
Makes Sense to Me by The Fun Years from God Was Like, No
Paper Windmill by Mountains from Mountains
Primitive Associations/Great Mass Above by Growing from The Soul Of The Rainbow And The Harmony Of Light
Ke Ala Ke Kua by Dolphins Into The Future from Ke Ala Ke Kua