Mexican Summer Fest in Marfa

Mexican Summer Fest

Tune in for a sneak preview of Ballroom Marfa and Mexican Summer’s upcoming free day festival at El Cosmico as Arp’s Alexis Georgopolous joins me for a discussion of spiritual dimensions of artistic practice + a guest selection of transcendent proto-New Age vibrations.

We’re live on Marfa Public Radio this Sunday, March 2, 2014 from 9-11pm. That’s 93.5FM here on the Marfa Plateau, and streaming live worldwide at

The free Mexican Summer Festival kicks off at 2pm on March 8, 2014 at El Cosmico. More info to come at Ballroom Marfa.

Mexican Summer Fest in Marfa

Back Pain Music/Inter-Dimensional Metal

Lycus – Tempest: Long form funeral doom from Oakland! Very pretty droning parts! Good for when waiting for meds to kick in. The cover is a psychedelic shipwreck painting!
Agrimonia – Rites of Separation: Sort of a super melodic crust/sludge/black metal blend that is also super pretty for when the meds are peaking. I think this is the prettiest metal album in a long time. Trivia: They are Swedes and the singer is a lady.
Nails – Abandon All Life: The best hardcore album in awhile! Good for when the meds are starting to fade.
Saved the most apt for last: An album about multiple sclerosis from Tad (of Tad), a dude from Yob and another guy I didn’t know who is the one who actually has MS. The band is called LUMBAR of course …
I hope that helps a little bit? Rest up.
Back Pain Music/Inter-Dimensional Metal