Inter-Dimensional Music August 2012 Playlist

Thanks to everyone who joined us for last night’s broadcast. We’ll be back on the air at KRTS on September 2, 2012 from 9-11p (CST). Until then, here’s the playlist for last night’s unexpected gnosis showcase, from the Arica Institute’s “hypergnostic meditation” to OM’s heavy gnostic stoner drone:

Hollander: 9-10p

Hypergnostic Meditation
Music In The Nine Rings

both by the Arica Institute

Chambo: 10-11p


Blanck Mass โ€“ White Math
BEAK > โ€“ 0898 โ€“ >>
In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country โ€“ Boards Of Canada โ€“ In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country
Anywhere โ€“ Shaman Mantra โ€“ Anywhere
Acid Rain โ€“ Grails โ€“ Doomsdayer’s Holiday
Sinai โ€“ OM โ€“ Advaitic Songs
Al Umm โ€“ Mahmoud Guinia โ€“ Mahmoud Kania – Star de la Chanson Gnaoua
O Come And Walk Along (for S.) โ€“ Daniel (A.I.U) Higgs โ€“ Ancestral Songs

Inter-Dimensional Music August 2012 Playlist

Sunday Morning Videos

Prepping tonight’s show — tune in to KRTS from 9-11p tonight, August 5 — and came up on these Sunday morning videos over at Root Blog:

An excerpt of Jordan Belson‘s Bardo

And William Sabiston‘s flickering color field to go along with ID Music fave Pete Swanson’s “Stuff It,” from I Don’t Rock At All.


Sunday Morning Videos